Kobus van der Vyver {Portrait}

Kobus needed a portrait photograph for an event where he is a speaker, so we took a few corporate photographs for him, these turned out great!

Annelie Bouwer {Portrait}

On Sunday 3 March we had the opportunity to photograph one of our friends, the stunningly beautiful Annelie Bouwer. She is such a fun person, and that really shows in the photos, she is really photogenic and it really was a pleasure having her in front of our cameras!

Lezanne van der Vyver {Portrait}

Here is the full post of our portrait shoot with one of our best friends, Lezanne van der Vyver.  She agreed to be out test subject for a couple of things we wanted to try out, and wow, these photos are really stunning, but with such a gorgeous model to work with, we were guaranteed to get beautiful photographs.  When we took these photographs in November, Lezanne was also a blushing bride to be, she got married to the man of her dreams on 1 December, so it is no wonder that she could not stop smiling!!  We hope you like the photos Lezanne :)

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