Ilze & Frikkie {Engagement}

Here is the full post of Ilze and Frikkie’s engagement shoot.  Ilze works with my husband, the other half of Signify Photography, so we are so excited that they trust us with their engagement photos, and also with the photos of their wedding day in March!!  We really had a blast photographing these two stunning people, they were so much fun, and we spent most of the afternoon laughing.  One thing that I noticed, was the genuine love between them, and Frikkie was so happy because he got to kiss Ilze so many times during the shoot, it really was special to see the love between them.  Frikkie even took Ilze’s ring, and went down on his knees again to propose for some photos, and I know Ilze had to hold back the tears of joy.  You guys are an amazing couple, and we hope you like your photos as much as we do :)

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